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Competency for Solutions. Thinking in Networks.

The OST School of Management stands for practical transfer and proximity. Firmly established in Eastern Switzerland, its activities include teaching, research, and consulting and involve current topics and challenges in business, society, and politics. Our guiding principle “Competency for Solutions. Thinking in Networks.” reflects a focus on impact, the strength of implementation, and an understanding of interrelationships. The School of Management is one of six schools of the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (OST).

In a total of five Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs as well as numerous continuing education programs, students acquire application-oriented knowledge and skills that they transfer directly into business practice as they continue their studies.

In its applied research and consulting practice, the OST School of Management applies its science-based, implementation-oriented competencies to create solutions to the current challenges facing companies. In doing so, it intentionally networks the competencies of the different OST disciplines to promote interdisciplinary innovation.

Campus St. Gallen

Degree programs

At the OST School of Management, students can choose between three Bachelor’s degree programs, “BSc in Business Administration,” “BSc in Management and Law,” and “BSc in Business Information Technology,” and twelve specializations. These shape their future careers, enabling them to prepare systematically and practically for professional vocations. Unique to OST are the practical assignments in which students actively work on real-world consulting projects as part of their studies – regionally, nationally, and internationally.

In our two current Master’s programs, “MSc Business in Administration” and “MSc in Business Information Technology,” our students broaden and deepen their personal skills and qualify for challenging roles as specialists and managers in a wide range of industries. Both Master’s programs are designed for Bachelor’s graduates from various disciplines.

Continuing Education

Volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA) are challenges that all professionals face during their careers. A broad range of continuing education programs provides a platform from which you can choose courses to match your profile, help you acquire new competencies and deepen existing ones, and transform professional challenges into personal opportunities.

Our instructors combine a wealth of practical experience with the latest scientific findings to develop a high-quality syllabus. Participants also engage with real-life case studies in the programs and modules. These insights are always topical thanks to close cooperation between the university and the business community.


Based in Eastern Switzerland, the OST School of Management promotes the integration of science and entrepreneurial practice, strengthening the local economy and beyond. New technologies, changing customer behavior, increasing regulation, and the effects of these pose significant challenges for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. How can resources and value creation processes be successfully aligned and business models further developed under these conditions? True to our guiding principle – “Competency for Solutions. Thinking in Networks.” – we support companies in finding innovative answers to these questions with the help of solution-oriented methodological and technical skills combined with a holistic perspective.

Research & Development

The OST School of Management covers a broad spectrum of applied research. Jointly with business and academic partners, it seeks answers to practically relevant questions in business and society. Our research, funded by national and international institutions, aims to provide forward-looking solutions for business and industry. Our primary sources of funding are Innosuisse, IHB, the Swiss National Science Foundation, EU research institutions, foundations, and partners in the private sector. Important research focus areas include digital business, the digital society, digital health, applied AI, digital business engineering, human-centric interaction, and “New Work.”


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