KFH Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences – School of Business and Management

Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences with its schools of Business and Management, Law, Health Professions, and Music was established in 1997 and is today the only privately funded and federally accredited university of applied sciences in Switzerland.
The business school is the oldest and, with around 3,500 students, the largest of the four Kalaidos schools. . It offers BSc and MSc degree programs in a range of subject areas as well as approximately 300 continuing education courses (CAS, DAS, MAS, MBA/EMBA, DBA). Kalaidos also provides research & development and other academic services for corporate customers.

Teaching and research achievements are placed entirely at the service of our students’ professional practice. This results in degree programs that lead to an immediate professional qualification and have a proven effect on career development, enabling participants to realize their full potential in their chosen field.

All degree programs are designed to be completed while earning or balancing other commitments. No full-time courses are offered.

Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences is three minutes on foot from Zurich-Oerlikon train station

Degree programs

The study programs leading to a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree are practical and scientifically based. They teach knowledge and the application of scientific methods, allowing students to apply what they have learned directly to their everyday working lives.

Kalaidos is the only business school in Switzerland where students with a vocational baccalaureate can complete a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in law. Also unique to Kalaidos is its online Bachelor of Science without compulsory attendance, which can be completed 100% part-time and independent of time and location.

Continuing Education

New forms of work require essential new qualifications – and a willingness by organizations and their employees to engage in continuing education and training.

The Kalaidos School of Business and Management is constantly developing new study programs relevant to the current and future job markets. These enable career-relevant knowledge to be acquired quickly and reliably, using innovative technical and didactic methods.

Around 300 continuing education programs are available at the CAS, DAS, MAS, and MBA/EMBA levels. With the collaboration of our academic partners abroad, students can also study for a doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) independent of time and location.


As a higher education institution for professionals, we consult with companies and their employees to develop sustainable solutions to meet current and future challenges. Our services build on professional expertise acquired through our research and application, and our extensive network.
Our range of services includes customized, transfer-oriented programs for companies in organizational, leadership, and HR development, company-specific CAS programs, project management certifications, study programs tailored to individual companies, and much more.

Research & Development

To ensure exchange between science and practice, research at the Kalaidos School of Business and Management focuses on planning and implementing research projects and services that are offered to prospective partners and clients and for which third-party funding is obtained.
In addition, the Kalaidos School of Business and Management also provides internal services, such as ensuring the quality standards of student theses and supporting applied research at its institutes.
Through regular contributions to scientific journals, specialist publications, and other media outlets, Kalaidos contributes to communicating scientific understanding to the public.


Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences – School of Business and Management
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