The Distance Learning University of Applied Sciences Switzerland (FFHS)

The Distance Learning University of Applied Sciences Switzerland (FFHS) is a federally recognized university of applied sciences that has been offering part-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs as well as continuing education since 1998. With over 20 years of distance-learning experience, it is the leading e-university in Switzerland and an alternative for students who want to combine their work and family obligations with their studies.

The FFHS operates in four locations: Zurich, Basel, Bern, and Brig. It employs 140 staff and over 400 lecturers, who impart practically oriented specialist knowledge to approximately 2,500 students (as of 2020). In its four research institutes, the FFHS conducts application-oriented research in web science, management & innovation, health, and e-learning in accordance with the performance mandate of the Swiss federal government.

Since 2004, the FFHS has been affiliated with the University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) and is integrated into its overall strategy.

Since 2017, the FFHS has appointed a UNESCO Chair in Personalized and Adaptive Distance Learning.

The new FFHS Gleisarena Campus in Zurich

Degree programs

The FFHS is the only university of applied sciences in Switzerland whose degree programs are all based on a blended-learning approach: Students can complete 80 percent of their studies via an online learning platform. Only about 20 percent are face-to-face classes at one of the four FFHS campuses.

Combining online studies and face-to-face classes allow students to remain flexible and combine studying for a university degree with a job, family, and sports activities. The FFHS offers a total of six Bachelor’s degree programs (Bachelor of Science) and one Master’s degree program (Master of Science).

Continuing Education

“Work 4.0” constantly requires new knowledge and skills. Whether technical, social, or psychological, they all call for networked thinking and the ability to acquire knowledge efficiently. The FFHS specializes in imparting knowledge efficiently (allowing part-time study) and in ways that are practical and, for the most part, not restricted to a location. We offer over 70 continuing education courses related to business, technology, ICT, health, and e-education. Our lecturers are proven specialists in their respective fields with a solid scientific background.

They build on extensive practical experience from their ongoing professional activities. This allows them to continuously integrate trends and developments from the business world into their classes.


In addition to conducting application-oriented research, the FFHS research institutes offer their expertise to the private and the public sectors and jointly develop new concepts with their partners.

Blended learning is the core competence of the FFHS. The FFHS supports partners who want to establish their own e-learning programs in a process that starts with an idea and progresses to include an e-learning platform as well as the development and delivery of content.

Research & Development

The FFHS conducts application-oriented research & development in web science, management and innovation, health, and e-learning. It closes the gap between science and industry through targeted knowledge and technology transfer. At the same time, it meets the federal government’s performance mandate while continuously integrating its findings into its study programs – whether in the form of special subjects, continuing education courses, or case studies.


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