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The Business School with a Sustainable Impact in Switzerland

Sustainable business, digitalisation and entrepreneurial thinking and action –these are the cornerstones of the BFH Business School. We develop sustainable solutions for major social challenges such as the digital transformation, resource scarcity and social justice. We are guided in this by the Sustainable Development Goals and, as a business school with a sustainable impact, we contribute to the necessary change in the economy and society. We train our students to become specialists and managers for the sustainable business of the future.

Our “sustainable mindset in action” represents the human side of the digital transformation as we work towards a sustainable and creative economy for the future. It is our aim to stimulate public debate, enable participation in projects and support relevant stakeholders. For students and employees, we offer a learning and working environment that is driven by shared values and that promotes collaboration and personal responsibility.

Exterior view of a building on our Marzili Campus: Sandro Aeschlimann © BHF Business School

Degree programs

Become fit for the future with our modular degree programs! With three Bachelor’s and three Master’s degree programs as well as six international double-degree programs, we offer a broad spectrum of university education with a focus on future-oriented skills. The goal is for our graduates to be able to think and act responsibly and entrepreneurially as creative, proactive individuals.

We are committed to delivering research-based, practically relevant course content. Among other things, we work with “real-world cases.” Students learn how business models can be digitalized or digitally expanded based on current, real-life challenges facing companies such as Microsoft, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), and Swiss Post.

Continuing Education

As committed educational providers, we believe that “no qualification lasts forever,” which is why we want to do our part in promoting life-long learning. This includes a high degree of customer orientation and individual support for our students and alumni. We present models and theories that stimulate thought and reflection. The knowledge we impart is taught in an atmosphere of appreciation and motivation. Modern teaching methods encourage both lecturers and students to share their knowledge and experiences. This approach increases vocational competence among students, helps them expand their professional network, and allows them to transfer what they learn into their everyday working lives.


Our institutes have close ties to business and public administration in Bern. We offer customer-oriented services informed by the results of our research, enabling our customers to make evidence-based, strategic decisions. Whether in consulting, business model analysis, strategy development, contract research, audits and reviews, support in transformation processes, consulting in sustainability projects, or new working models – we offer tailor-made solutions.

Research & Development

Our research in areas such as new work, innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainable business, the public sector, marketing, and data science & technology management enables our business partners to create added value that benefits society. The researchers at BFH Business School interact with representatives from business, politics, and the community. Together, they define and answer research questions at the highest international level.

As a major stakeholder in the economic region of Bern, we are committed to designing sustainable innovation processes and engaging in entrepreneurial thinking and action. We encourage and support companies and public administrations in their digital transformation by providing impetus and expertise.


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