University of Applied Sciences of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) – Department of Business

Its Department of Business Administration, Health and Social Sciences (DEASS) unites the disciplines of business administration, health, and social sciences under a single roof. It deals effectively with the complex problems of a modern world, bringing together different disciplinary competencies that have historically shown a natural tendency towards integration. The DEASS focuses on its three performance mandates – Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, continuing education, and research. At the same time, it contributes towards solving the problems of health, economic, and social policy in Switzerland, with particular attention to the challenges and needs of the population, businesses, organizations, and public institutions in the region. The DEASS has created a solid network of contacts at local, national, and international levels. By maintaining a dialogue with its stakeholders, the DEASS has a detailed understanding of their specific educational needs and changes to their economic and social circumstances.

The DEASS campus at the Suglio Business Center in Manno

Degree Programs

The DEASS at SUPSI offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Leisure Management. L’economista aziendale SUPSI dispone di una conoscenza approfondita dei modelli e dei metodi in campo economico e manageriale e la sa applicare in maniera sistemica. They have a multi-faceted, flexible profile and can act with autonomy and responsibility, working individually and in groups. The BSc in Leisure Management program allows students to build and design their own career paths with the help of instructors and by focusing on specific topic areas. This program, which has recently been added, focuses on the entertainment, tourism, culture, and sports sectors. The DEASS also offers a Master of Science in Business Administration in collaboration with the Distance Learning University of Applied Sciences Switzerland (FFHS). In this MSc program, students acquire the skills to assume positions of responsibility, manage strategic projects, and initiate independent entrepreneurial ventures.

Continuing Education

In the field of continuing education, the DEASS provides a range of programs in various disciplines. In the legal domain, options include three Masters of Advanced Studies (MAS) programs (Business Law, Economic Law and Business Crime, and Tax Law), a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) program dedicated to labor law, and the TREX program, which prepares students for the Swiss higher professional exams for fiscal experts (höhere Fachprüfung für Treuhandexperten). In the area of management, an Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) and several CAS programs are offered covering leadership, social responsibility, and international business. Finally, in human resources, programs include an MAS in Human Capital Management, two Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) (Business Coaching and the Professional Development Journey), and three CAS (Social Insurance, Empowering Skills, and Occupational Health Management). The DEASS also offers customized courses for companies and institutions with specific needs (tailor-made training).


Services The DEASS at SUPSI provides services that respond to specific requests from companies, organizations, and institutions. It aims to provide clients with a well-founded and impartial basis for informed decision-making. The focus is on the adaptation and implementation of management tools already established in specific sectors and contexts, as well as on the provision of services supported by innovative tools and characterized by a high level of customization, with a strong practical orientation.

Research & Development

The DEASS has a research section with the specific goal to advance knowledge and know-how indispensable to developing professionalism in a constantly evolving context. Applied research is an essential element for the development of the DEASS, which, through its activities, maintains close links with the scientific community, ensuring the transfer of good practices to students through its teaching and in the disciplines. The focus is on developing and implementing innovative products, processes, and services. . In addition, the DEASS assumes a supportive role, providing expertise to the local economy in projects carried out in close collaboration with local businesses and oriented to local, national, and international markets.


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